Our Purpose

In 1949, the Manitoba Real Estate Association was founded. Today, we use our expertise to build, empower and uphold a trusted and sustainable real estate profession to ensure Manitobans value the role that REALTORS® have in building stronger communities, and in helping Manitobans through the most financially impactful decisions of their lives.

We are proud to lead with integrity, and research drives our innovative work.

We Represent

2200+ Manitoba real estate professionals

Our Work

  • We research issues and foster collaborative relationships with political officials to advocate for solutions that benefit property owners, buyers, and REALTORS®.
  • We foster relationships with local businesses and the international REALTOR® community to showcase Manitoba as a viable and thriving economic market for investment which supports a balanced and sustainable real estate market. 
  • We provide a reimbursement fund to protect the public as an affordable alternative for members to satisfy their bonding requirement. 
  • We safeguard our members with errors and omissions insurance through the Real Estate Insurance Alliance of Canada Inc. 
  • In partnership with our REALTOR® members, we develop, support, and promote shelter initiatives that improve the lives of all Manitobans.
  • Our regulatory and industry experts provide innovative education and licensing programs to help registrants succeed at all stages of their real estate careers.
  • We facilitate a confidential public complaint process to resolve issues.
  • We help REALTORS® navigate legislation, regulations, and The REALTOR® Code. We answer questions and provide information to support REALTORS® through challenging situations.