Brokerage, Resources, Insight & Training Education (BRITE) Program 

BRITE is an innovative education program designed to supplement brokerages’ training programs with material that will help to empower registrants and to enable them to succeed in their careers while upholding a trusted real estate profession.  The BRITE program provides complimentary educational and training resources to brokerages on a regular basis, accessible via MREA’s learning management system.  The content of the self-contained modules pertains to legislative, regulatory, and REALTOR® Code of Ethics topics.

Each BRITE module is designed as a 15-minute lesson to be taught by a brokerage’s broker, office manager, or training officer.  Each module includes a facilitator’s guide, a short video, discussion questions, resource material, a participant’s handbook, and evaluations.

As of March 2020, MREA has introduced a Salesperson Edition of BRITE, allowing salespeople to have direct access to older modules on the learning management system.  MREA hopes that by making past modules available directly to salespeople, it will be able to expand the BRITE user base to individuals from brokerage’s that chose not to participate in the program.  This approach also eliminates salespeople’s need to go through their broker to access and revisit older content and resources.

List of available BRITE modules:

1.     Title Insurance 

2.     New Closing Practice (NCP)

3.     GST and Real Estate in Canada 

4.     Sale of Real Estate by Non-residents of Canada

5.     The REALTOR® Code – Article 21: Conduct Unbecoming

6.     Deposit Ghosting

7.     Open Permits

8.     Farm Lands Ownership Act

9.     Drones

10.  Advertising and Third-party Contracts

These courses can be found here: MREA Online Education