The Manitoba Real Estate Association launches the first External Real Estate Education Advisory Board in Canada.


Winnipeg, March 11, 2020


The Manitoba Real Estate Association (MREA) is the first real estate association in Canada to implement an external education advisory board to drive continuous excellence and further professionalism.


The purpose of this board is to support the enhancement of real estate education development and delivery in Manitoba, for the benefit of Manitoba real estate registrants, and ultimately; for the benefit of the Manitoba public.


On an ongoing process, the group will provide advice to MREA’s Department of Education on both systemic matters relating to the development and delivery of real estate education, as well as on specific matters relating to components within that education system that are priority for review.


“We are excited about working with this group of highly educated and respected academic advisors. The board members’ collective education and experience will help MREA drive continuous improvement to our professional education to enhance the quality, validity and verification of our course offerings, ” said Glen Tosh, MREA 2020 President.


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The External Real Estate Education Advisory Board Members are listed HERE.